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Help Page

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Session sites


Q: What are the session sites and tools and what are they for?

A: Here's a table describing the different sites. There are links to them in the main wiki.



Asynchronous ( (not live, not in real time)

Synchronous (live, in real time)


Includes all the resources of these 5 weeks in different pages (the Table of Contents is on the right) such as the Syllabus or the weekly activities


Participants wiki 

Participants intros, links to  blogs or wikis produced by participants




To chat with colleagues and/or get one-on-one help in real time 

Anymeeting (virtual classroom)


Live sessions, group meetings

Second Life (virtual classroom)


Live sessions, group meetings


When and Where are the classes?


Q: When will classes start? is there a specific timing we should all be present on line?

A: The 5-unit session officially starts on the 7th January 2013. Some activities are not live.
To understand how this goes, please take a good look at the wik  . There are different pages.

Online sessions (synchronous) take place once  two weeks and you can see the schedule in the "Live Sessions" wiki page.
The Unit 1 page will show you what is planned for the first week. The Unit 2 page will show you what is planned for the second week, and so on.

During these weeks we are mostly in contact through social networks and email.
To guide you all we have a wiki with different pages.

Readings: where are they?


Q: Where do I find the list of recommended readings?


A: The wiki has all the materials you will need. If you look at the right frame, you'll find a Table of Contents in the Sidebar with links to the different pages. Please look for "Readings" and click. 

Daily Digest


Q: I'm getting too many emails; is there a way to reduce the amount of daily mails?


If you feel that receiving individual emails is too much, click "Daily Digest" to get a batch of emails in one single message.





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